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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Plan

Holy moly. It has been over NINE MONTHS since we wrote anything here!

But Lindsay has been writing actual things for the play, and I...well, I haven't. But I should! I am thinking that maybe Linz and I can have coffee once a week down at school and maybe use that time strictly for play stuff. Or for catching up, because it feels like we hardly see each other anymore. Such is the craziness of life.

And there is a new plan: I will take one last summer away from an office job, and will instead wait tables, so I can focus on being creative. Focus on creating something. Linz will also work only minimally, so we will spend a lot of time together (easy, because all our other friends have jobs!) and write write write. I am sure that there will be days where we do more hanging out than writing, and days when we will barf at the sight of each other, but I hope that we can also write things down. Write EVERYTHING down. And in that giant summer-long freewriting will be the truth of our play. Of our lives.

Then we can move on. Editing, rewriting, finding a director, casting, finding a venue, putting it up. But for now, because all of those things cause me to hyperventilate a little, we'll just write. It is the first step, and the most important, and will be fun. I will MAKE it be fun, dammit!

I can't wait for summer.


Blogger Lindsay said...

Yes! We shall pick up momentum and get down to the tough stuff this summer. It'll give me something to look forward to :)

1:17 PM


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